We Knew This Was Coming

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Almost as soon as Paramount set the release date for Transformers 3, Michael Bay says he's not doing it.
Ratchet may not agree with me, but I am sticking to my original story of, "I don't care if he does it or not".

Now Transformers lovers, I am not one to complain very much, but it makes me sick to think that this could all be a very cheap marketing ploy by Paramount. The question is not if we thought Transformers would be a trilogy. The question should be why do we care so much about the third installment when we're not even to the second one yet. If you go to google blog search and search Transformers you will see what I am so peeved about. I got to page 6 and every single item up until then was about 3.